Monday, September 19, 2011

Still going strong...

Today is Monday and I was nervous bc Sweet M* seemed off as soon as he woke up. Nothing terrible... just emotions were running high and he was testing boundaries in little ways. He just seemed like he was on edge. My mom noticed it right away when I dropped him off this morning (she takes him to school bc it is too difficult for him to say good bye to me) as I drove away I couldn't help to wonder what the day might bring.

The time went by quickly and soon it was time to pick him up. But, to my surprise he was happy when he walked out (a very good sign). And, low and behold... TWO GOOD DAY TICKETS!!! This is great news bc that means he did not have a single incident at school today.

Nap time was a little off again (very hyper, trying to not look at me, laughing like a crazy person if he did). But, he laid down. He woke up off again. But, I tried my new method. I confronted the emotion and offered up ways to help. Reminded him about how glad I was that he was here. How he was the perfect boy for our family and how he makes everyone happy. He was still struggling as he tried to eat his snack and work on homework. So, I picked him up, gave him some kisses on the cheek and grabbed a book. I read in my most animated voice a Barney book and I got him to laugh. As I continued to read I could feel his body melt against mine. He was back. He said he felt much better jumped off my lap and went back to snack and homework. The rest of the night was great... even bed.

The End.

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MRK said...

Love that it worked, love that you kept your calm and were able to use your new principles, and love that you provided the exact details here to help me with ideas! :-)