Friday, February 22, 2013

Snow much Fun!!!

This past weekend we drove up a completely dry mountain on a 72 degree sunny day and sat on a ski lift for 15 minutes to the top of a mountain and we found a small bit of snow to play in.  Gotta love California.  We missed going to the snow last year and knew we had to make it out this year bc the kids absolutely love the snow.  But, there are only a few weekends that you can actually enjoy the snow if you live in sunny So Cal so we just went ahead even though it was not the most snowy of days ;)

The kids didn't mind one bit though.  There was enough snow to have a snow ball fight and go tubing and that is all that mattered.  They had a blast.  I will keep it at "they" bc let's be honest this momma is a sunshine, flip flop wearing kind of girl and being in the snow is just NOT my cup of tea.  I do enjoy looking at the pictures now of my cute kids while I am in my warm house sipping on hot tea ;)