Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Let's Go Padres...let's go!!!

We did it...that is pull Emilee & Uncle Brain away from the Angels to go and watch a Padres game. And, we had a blast. We enjoyed savings from Smart Card, ate delicious $1 dogs, sodas and all of Uncle Brain's peanuts. Cam and Emilee were more serious and were both caught sitting alone. Madie and Owen enjoyed magic tricks, dancing and screaming!
All and all a great night. Uncle Brian really enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere in comparison with the stress he is used to feeling when he attends the games of his beloved Angels.

Two of a Kind

Cousin and Cuddlebear definitely came out of the same nutshell. They are two of a kind, always having FUN!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Fun with our Cousin!

Our wonderful big cousin came to play--and give mom and dad a break yesterday. They played slip and slide and other water games. The boys always have so much fun with their cousin, and dad enjoyed a quick snooze with baby Belle and mommy got to do a little cleaning!!

Look no training wheels!

My Hubby and I knew this day would come. We've been talking about the torturous moment that was coming where we had to run behind Captain Crazy holding onto his bike, only to let go and have him crash once he discovered we were no longer holding on.
As with much parenting it went nothing like planned. My Hubby attempted to just run with him--no intentions of the dreaded "let go" and then out of the blue Captain Crazy yelled at his Dad to let watch and see what happens

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Press Play and Watch!

Photo and video editing at
This is a short video of Baby Belle at 10 1/2 months crawling, saying hi, and saying cheese!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

La Jolla!

When mom and dad were away Nana and Papa went to the Bay!!! Okay cheesy rhyme I know, but Nana and Papa really did treat the kiddos to a nice trip to La Jolla where they found a cool cove. They found crabs, went snorkeling and saw some sea lions. Captain Crazy claims to have been very well behaved although he says Cuddlebear was a pistol (his words). And, Aunt E did give me a video to prove it, but I cannot figure out how to upload it. When I do I will you should see it. Cuddlebear definitely is a one of a kind find. Thanks Nana and Papa for taking us, Uncle J for snorkeling with us and Aunt E for putting up with us!

Happy 5th Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to us!!!
Wow 5 years and we are still having so much fun. We celebrated in style with a trip to the OC. We stayed with our cheap rate at the Marriott b/c we went to the 90 minute timeshare presentation. We went on a culinary adventure (thanks to culinary adventure restaurants) from restaurant to restaurant using all of our $25 gift certificates...thanks David Wilhelm! And, we biked for two hours, kayaked and did a little relaxing. All and all a wonderful trip sans the munchkins (thanks Nana, Papa, Aunt E and Uncle J).

Monday, July 14, 2008

Sandcastle Competition!

Family Fun Weekend came to an end, with a surprising addition of meeting up with even more family. As we were playing at the beach in front of the Del Nana, Papa Aunt E called they drove down to go to the sandcastle competition so they stopped by to meet us. Then we we arrived at Imperial Beach to do our sandcastle viewing we were walking away from our first sandcastle and we ran into more family! So, we had a nice (but very crowded) stroll down the beach looking at all of the different sandcastles. The adults agreed that the first one we had seen was by far the best, but the boys we reluctant to stray away from the lovely pirate booty castle (which they mostly loved b/c it had the word "booty" in it).

Surrey Biking!

We had a blast our last day in Coronado. We rented a surrey bike which will filled up quite nicely. We all had a lot of fun even though we got lost temporarily and mom and dad had to high tail it up a hill with a semi behind them...nothing like a few tons of steel on your back for some good motivation!!! Baby Belle loved the trip as everyone cooed and ahhed as we rode past until the end when she decided a bottle was necessary. Thankfully her big bro stepped in for some assistance. What a sweet brother, right!!

At the Hotel Del!

Yes! After many attempts (and I mean MANY...) this was the best picture of all 3 at the Del that we got.
Here is a little brotherly love for ya!
And, our little photographer Captain Crazy took this one of mom and dad!

Day 2 of Family Fun Weekend!

Yes. The boys decided (on their own) that it was appropriate to milk the cow in front of the ice cream shop.
The had a thing for statues in front of eating establishments I guess?
Or anything really that they could stand next to and pose for a picture.
Baby Belle is never a stranger to the camera either!

Family Fun Weekend!

First Day in Coronado poolside. Baby Belle went for a swim but had more fun trying to steal a floatie away from Cuddlebear!
Cuddlebear loved the messy sandbox more than the pool!
Captain Crazy and Dad played a little poolside ping pong. Or what they called ping pong which consisted mostly of Captain Crazy hitting the ball past the table and Daddy retrieving it!
All and all a great start as the boys drifted away to Dreamland!!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Tooth Fairy Visits!

Well it all started about a week and a half ago when Capatin Crazy said he had a loose tooth. At first I didn't believe him (poor kid) he has been waiting for this for awhile. And, he has had a few "loose" teeth before. Turned out he was right and within 2 days it fell out!

Then, a few days pass and he tells me he has another loose teeth. I check. Sure enough he did. And, the next day he yanked it out because he was so excited about the tooth fairy coming again.
Now he is wiggling all his teeth everyday hoping another will come out so he can buy a mini skateboard!!!
What a smile!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Crystal Cove

We had a great family day out at the beach last weekend. Captain Crazy loved making sandcastles, Cuddlebear loved pretending to knock them down, and baby Belle loved the water. We all had a wonderful time, except watching poor dad push a stroller filled with all our stuff up an enormous cliff back to the car. But, being the best daddy ever he did it and still went ahead and pulled up the car. He is the most amazing husband and father ever!!!!