Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Yes... I am alive and we have been back for over a week. But, I am a cry baby and I was wallowing in my happy hangover. We had so much fun and as usual I will let the pictures speak for themselves. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer.

Cam & Ella on the monorail

The bridge inside Animal Kingdom Lodge
Ella posing for the Camera in the lobby
Owen's Favorite Guy

I am easy... I loved my coffee in these cute cups every morning

Ella met her idol and brought home a souvineer

Cam played on that idol's playground and I promised not to tell :)

Couple time is rare on this trip... so I caught it on camera

Of course the kids faces were painted in traditional African style (they told me after Ella's meant available for marriage- her dad thinks differently)

This is proof that they actually are all happy though the proof is found far and few between (you try getting them all to smile)

This was my fav part... these guys were directly outside our hotel room balcony... CRAZY!!!!

Family Photo Opp. at Chef Mickey's the kids favorite restaurant

The kids even enjoyed the rental car... maybe more than the rides :)

Friday, June 5, 2009

Summertime... WooHoo!!!!

Yipeee!!!! Preschool graduation... check! Kindergarten graduation... check! Bags packed... check! You get the idea. Summer is here, we are out of school and we are leaving out of town. I am so excited. We are going to DisneyWorld which some who know us well would say is our favorite place in the world.
However I am even more excited than normal this time because I have found a way to combine my two obsessions Disney and Africa. This time we are staying at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. The entire theme throughout the resort- decor, original artwork, employees, food, ambiance are all AFRICAN!!!!! Not to mention the resort sits on the Savannah from the park and is home to some amazing live animals.
So, I know it is definitely not comparable to the real thing (in a million ways)... but we are still very very excited!!!