Saturday, October 25, 2008


The Boys and their Boo Bags
The boys with the ceramics they painted at the pumpkin patch, and in front of Mr. Artist's halloween decor that he made me.
Baby Belle was sick so she did not join in the festivities, but she did want me to take her picture!

Tonight we went boo'ing. For my many pals with no kids yet. Boo'ing is a "fun" halloween activity where you make these treat bags and then head out and ding dong ditch houses (your kids friends) and leave the treat bag. Once you are boo'd you hang up a sign so you cannot be boo'd again. And, when you receive a bag you have to go and boo other people. 2 years ago on our first boo'ing trip a neighbor called the police on us (us being Captain Crazy (3) Cuddlebear (1) and their dad and cousins). They heard the kids running down a driveway and thought they were being robbed. So, we are always very nervous to go out again. And, tonight while no cops were called the neighbors caught Hubby and the boys and they set off their car alarm to scare them.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Mickey's Trick or Treat

With all three monsters in tow (and in costume) we headed for Mickey's special trick or treat event. There were light saber fights, dancing with characters, crafts, games, and way too much CANDY!
Darth Vader stayed in costume all night, Spiderman refused to wear his mask, and the butterfly was in pj's after about 30 minutes. Nonetheless, we had a great night and enjoyed the parks all day on Sunday!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Bates Nut Farm

This is my favorite picture of Belle right now. Doesn't she look adorable?
Captain Crazy completed the straw maze, and took a picture next to his favorite scarecrow (Belle's Favorite too!) Patrick from SpongeBob even though I always vowed to never let my kids watch that terrible show.
A picture of the straw maze losers :( Even though E found a clue (the corn husks were thicker at each of the 8 stations we were trying to get to). But, I made the mistake of mentioning that a clue existed and...
Captain Crazy and Dad took the Victory!
Here's all of Grandma D's Nuts!!!!
Someone has got to let me in on the secret of getting a great picture of all three kids. I may have to start photoshop'ing my photos.
The big boys had fun with the Giant Pumpkins!

A brief picture before disaster struck. (i.e. Captain Crazy whining that Cuddlebear was too being squished by all...almost tipping over...) Sorry Dad this one did not turn out as well as last years :( But we tried!
Our little pumpkin! Take note that Daddy lost her pretty bow :(

The boys had fun playing with their Halloween football. This was a neat picture I thought.
Once again a picture of all three where not everyone is looking. And, this was the best of about 15 pictures. But, even without the perfect picture we had a blast at Bates Nut Farm. And, we enjoyed spending time with Nana, Grandma D's and Aunt E.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Belle Loves a Parade!!!

You have to watch is sure to make you smile:)
Belle was rockin' out to the music at the parade. She was sooo excited to see the characters, to dance (yes...shaking her head is considered dancing), and to wave hi it was hilarious :)


Here is the big boys' cookie creation. At $8 per cookie mom and dad decided they could share. So, the boys each created one 1/2 and then put them together for a brief photo opp. before gobbling them down!
Belle was having so much fun at California Adventure. I think she thought she was a movie star in their hollywood area.

The boys tried to take a bite out of the giant candy corn.
Mom bought the boys some fun halloween shirts to make the trip more festive :)
The princess and her daddy!
All three monsters! I cannot believe how difficult it is to get a good pic of all three, I don't know if I ever will...but I will continue to try.

We went to our fav place once again...BUT it was HalloweenTime at Disneyland and we wanted to check out the new decorations and ride Jack Skeleton's remodeled Haunted House. (I know you are all laughing at us)

Oak Glen

Okay...I have been slacking. We visited Oak Glen a few weekends ago now. Above are some pics of our adventure there. The boys had fun with all the apples, and the mound of apple pis that we shared when our day was done.