Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Cuddlebear's Turn!

Cuddlebear showing off his new Buzz Big Kid Backpack!

Some of Cuddlebear's new friends

Our little Cuddlebear started preschool today. He did great chatting away to any little friend he could find. He was so cute he would walk up and say "Hi, my name is *** what is your name...I like your backpack." How adorable, right? He is quite the character one minute the sweetest thing in the world the next minute fury like you've never seen.. When Mike picked him up and asked him how his day went he said, "Well I had a little bit of fun."

Captain Crazy's First Day of Kindergarten

I love these uniforms, Captain Crazy looks so cute!

Gotta love that dimple.

A moment of nervousness when we got out of the car.

A reassuring smile at the playground (good thing it helped mom out a little)

We finished the big day with some BR!

Well the dreaded day has come and gone. Our sun fun summer days are over and we officially entering a whole new part of parenthood...school. So, our mornings are dedicated to rushing out of the house on time and our evenings are consumed by homework and school events. But, doesn't Captain Crazy look so cute?

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Apple Pie!

This past Saturday we went to visit Great Grandma D and Captain Crazy wanted to bring some of Papa R's home grown apples to make pie (thanks Nana j/k). So, I checked the freezer and we had some frozen pre-made pie crusts. I wrangled up the rest of the ingredients and voila fresh baked apple pie!
And, seriously it was delicious. Grandma also helped the boys plant their apple seeds. And, the funniest moment was...Cuddlebear asked grandma why she had spots on her arm. Grandma's response..."Well, because when you get old you get spots." So, Owen replied, "Oh, I don't have spots...I am NEW."

Baby Belle takes a few steps...

Everyone has been asking us if baby Belle is walking yet. Well the answer is not really...it could be perhaps that her shoe size is still 6 months. So, I think that it is probably pretty hard to balance on such tiny feet (poor child was cursed with her mothers challenged height). Alas, the other night she decided to try it out and dad was quick enough with the camera so you all will believe us!--Way to go baby Belle!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My Sweet Girl is Turning 1

I just love this big open mouthed smile!!

This is the picture that we got when we first took out the camera... baby Belle loves to pose and say cheese! (wonder where she gets that? hint...hint...her dad)

Well, I have come to terms with the fact that my sweet sweet baby girl is turning 1 as I planned her first birthday party this past weekend. So, like any good mom would do (so sorry baby Belle) I put her in a fluffy tutu and a bright pink happy birthday party hat and snapped some pics. Luckily for me my hubby put up with all of this ridiculousness quite well!

Monday, August 4, 2008

We Love Disney!

Yes. I know we are here a lot, and everyone makes fun of us. But, with 3 kids 5 and under what else can we do, right? Really though we had a great time riding rides, and splashing in the Disney Pool--we snuck in so shhh! don't tell. Cuddlebear was a big boy he rode three new big kid rides including Splash Mountain for the first time and Captain Crazy was so sweet trying to talk him into riding each and every one of them. And, baby Belle enjoyed people watching although we found out she does not like gorilla's...trust me the whole restaurant where we ate breakfast will tell you so.