Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sun Fun Weekend- Anniversary

Sun Fun Weekend #2
We had a blast last weekend as we celebrated our 7th Wedding Anniversary- this time for the first time we celebrated with the kids...And, friends...And, their kids. Yes its unorthodox but we still had a GREAT time!!!This little man did so well with the two days away from home and all of the changes to his routine that go along with being away. Sometimes I just look at him in amazement. I cannot believe that 10 short weeks ago he was in Ethiopia. And, that 10 short weeks ago he hadn't joined our family yet. His English is super impressive and his tantruming is almost just typical 3 year old. He is also attaching very well to me, Hubby and the kids. I am so so proud of my boy!!!

Sweet M* with his buddy...

Belle married the buddy... hmmmm... should we start planning their real wedding now?
We were privileged enough to get glimpses of a school of dolphins and a whale.
We feel lucky to have such amazing friends.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

4th of July!!!

Whew... I am running a little behind on this post, but something is funky with my iphoto and I had a heck of a time downloading pictures.

We spent 4th with family and good friends. There was a bike parade, ice cream eating contest, pie throwing, fireworks and s'mores. We had 4 generations of family together at my house and because we stayed bunker-ed up with Sweet M* for so long this was the first time many of them were able to meet him.

I was nervous because I never know how M* is going to react. But, lately he has really impressed me. He was great all day despite 40 plus people in and out of our house. He was able to talk to everyone, there was no indiscriminate affection, not even a tantrum.
He danced to the music, was a pro on the inflatable slip and slide, and was the only toddler peddling fast on his bike. Watching him is like magic sometimes... to think that 8 short weeks ago (almost 9) we were in Ethiopia scared to death about how we were going to parent him and teach him English. We have come a LONG LONG way.

Here are some pics from the day...