Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Language... help!!!

Okay... so now that I am done with all of my paperwork I need some things to keep me occupied. I decided I wanted to learn basic phrases etc... in Amharic but I don't know where to turn. I am hoping my blogland buddies can help guide me. If you happen to love some sort of cd, itunes download, dvd program etc... will you please leave me a comment.
I am really trying to find something that I can put on my iphone or listen to in the car as I think I could commit to that.
Anyhoo... Happy Tuesday!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Steps 4 Kids!!!

I have to give a shout out to my friend H and her awesome product (dvd) that helps children learn to write their letters and more...
I have two sick children in the house which means I needed something to occupy my oldest (not sick) that did not need too much help from mom. This dvd has done the trick. And, the cool thing was his penmanship is looking much neater already. The part that he really enjoyed were the little breaks between letters where the dvd taught him how to draw animals and more using letters. He is now trying to find more things he can draw using letters around the house. I was really impressed by how long it kept his attention as I wasn't sure it would since he is in first grade and already knows how to write his letters... but he has watched it in its entirety already twice today.

If you want more info please visit H's site www.Steps4Kids.com

Friday, September 18, 2009

Cute Shoes!!! (no it's not Tom's this time)

I just saw these super cute sandals made by Ugandan women on this wonderful blogger's site and I think that they are adorable. And, they are helping young Ugandan women prepare to pay for their University tuition. So... cute and for a great cause which I know many of you would agree is the two things we love to see together. So, treat yourself to some cute new shoes by clicking here and spread some generosity to women who might just change their country someday!!!
As for adoption news... nothing much going on. Waiting for wacap to approve my home study so I can mail my dossier to be authenticated. The waitlist waiting is going to be tough...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My Sweet Girl's 2nd Birthday!!!

My sweet sassy baby girl turned 2 yesterday. I cannot believe how much joy she has brought our family already.
This is a picture right after Baby Belle was born

This is a picture I took for her 1st birthday invites
And, here she is the big 2 year old
We started her birthday fiesta with a couple of our family members over for cake.
(I made the cake and it had 4 layers of deliciousness... I was pretty proud)

Then we traveled to Disneyland (what better place to celebrate?)
The boys were so sweet and really helped make the day all about Belle.
They are great brothers.
Sweet Belle loves sunglasses and here she is sporting some her Papa R gifted her :)
Then the excitement happened. I always said I would never let my daughter wear a costume to Disneyland... well I obviously ate my words. But, her smile was worth it ;)
Like I said the girl is blessed with sweet brothers. Captain Crazy proudly paraded her down to the restaurant in her full get up.
Where we met the other princesses for Belle's Birthday dinner

Notice her brothers cleverly hiding from any possibility of having to meet or worse be kissed by one of those gross princesses.

Cuddlebear also made sure Belle was having a great time

By the end of the night the princess turned into our sleeping beauty

And, we all lived happily ever after...