Saturday, October 25, 2008


The Boys and their Boo Bags
The boys with the ceramics they painted at the pumpkin patch, and in front of Mr. Artist's halloween decor that he made me.
Baby Belle was sick so she did not join in the festivities, but she did want me to take her picture!

Tonight we went boo'ing. For my many pals with no kids yet. Boo'ing is a "fun" halloween activity where you make these treat bags and then head out and ding dong ditch houses (your kids friends) and leave the treat bag. Once you are boo'd you hang up a sign so you cannot be boo'd again. And, when you receive a bag you have to go and boo other people. 2 years ago on our first boo'ing trip a neighbor called the police on us (us being Captain Crazy (3) Cuddlebear (1) and their dad and cousins). They heard the kids running down a driveway and thought they were being robbed. So, we are always very nervous to go out again. And, tonight while no cops were called the neighbors caught Hubby and the boys and they set off their car alarm to scare them.

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