Sunday, September 11, 2011

Maybe rounding the corner?

Well yesterday morning I awoke to Sweet M* on hyper mode. I tried to ask him to sit next to me to see if he could calm down but that triggered the emotions and tears started streaming down his face. He was screaming so loud that I took him out back so that the other kids did not have to listen to it. I reminded him that we all loved him. He refused and said we don't... he said Jesus didn't love him either. It is so painful to listen to a child suffering through such trials.
Finally, hubby came out after about 20 minutes and told him "Don't worry... we got you... you are safe. You do not need to do this... we got you." And, he stopped... for some reason that phrase resonated and he was okay.
The rest of the day was back and forth with hyper activeness and extreme emotions. Tears flowed freely through the day. Nap was hard even for hubby. By the time it was nearing dinner hubby had a great idea. He thought we should go out on a date and get away.
Thank goodness I have an amazing brother and him and his wonderful girlfriend came to the rescue.
Hubby and I went out for sushi and the kids had new fresh grown ups to play with them. M* even went to bed okay for my brother. I am realizing more and more that to get through RAD us parents have to get away from it. It is so emotionally and physically draining it is a must.
We are hoping Dr. B will come next weekend. He has worked with RAD families for the past 13 years exclusively and total of 34 years in mental health. He will hopefully train hubby and I on how to deal with Sweet M*'s behaviors. We are also looking into some medication for his ADHD. I pray the two of these additions will help us move forward again. Lord knows we need a break.

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MRK said...

I left you a long comment on one of your other posts that was meant to be in response to all of your recent posts! But I wanted to leave one here about the ADHD, too. Email me about that - as I think you know, my 8 year old has it. We use medication, and I can tell you a little about that and about what to expect, about the sorts of doctors we've found to be most useful for this, about the best books I've read about ADHD, etc. Megan