Monday, September 12, 2011

Back again!

Okay, so yesterday we were back on again. The morning went well. My cousin brought over her two boys to play and Sweet M* did well for the most part. He even allowed me to take him aside and correct a behavior a few times. He did have a tantrum towards the end but in his defense it was past nap time anyways and he was probably tired. He woke up in a good mood and made it through both an 1:15 minutes mass and family dinner at my mom's. Thank goodness.

I do need to work on Sweet M* and Cuddlebear's relationship though. These two both have controlling personalities, they can both be VERY emotional and hyper. But, the but heads and compete against each other like no one's business. So, I think I am going to turn to the library for some resources on how family's treat each other, being kind, sharing etc...

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