Friday, September 16, 2011

A New Approach (anti-meds)

Thursday was interesting. On Wed. our pediatrician mentioned started Sweet M* on Ritalin. I am sort of anti meds... well maybe not anti but I like to try every other resource before I resort to something that has a long list of side effects. Recently my sister in law told me about a doctor that helps children with Autism, Apergers, OCD etc... After Wed.'s appointment I decided I wanted to see if he could help since his methods are more on the wellness/ homeopathic side.

They fit us in and yesterday we went. He spoke about energy in our cells and he ran some really interesting tests with M*. It is definitely a little cooky but it also had some validity to it. He (without me saying anything) knew that Sweet M*'s brain was running way to fast (5,000 when normal reading is 10). He knew that he could not focus, has trouble sleeping, has had parasite trouble before, suffers from anxiety and depression etc... It was really interesting.

So, in the end Sweet M* is wearing a patch on his back that is supposed to regulate some of these energy frequencies. I have a month's supply and I change the patch every Thursday and Sunday. He also has some patches that I placed on certain parts of his bed. I am not sure what to think but yesterday and today so far (it is morning) Sweet M* has been in a really good mood.

We also started using Melatonin ( a very low dose) to help regulate M*'s sleep. I forgot to mention that but it has been helping a lot. Upping water and sea salt intake for the minerals and to help his body absorb water better. Did you know that your brain is 85% water??? Even mild dehydration can cause problems.

I have noticed that the bringing Sweet M* closer every time I see that he is not regulated is very helpful. It is exhausting but we are pairing this approach with also allowing ourselves breaks (leaning heavy on our family for this one).

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