Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Monday and Tuesday

Monday went pretty well M* had a good day and he came home with 2 good day stickers from kindergarten. He got lost trying to make a number 3 which he normally can... but he just couldn't do it and he was trying. Hubby picked him up and he just sat silent with hubby for 20 minutes. Then he said he was ready to try again and he did and this time he was able to make his 3's. I met my sister in law so hubby had all 4 monsters and it seemed like bed time was fine.

Today the boys (Cuddle bear and M*) have been competitive and sort of going at it in the morning, but overall the mood was good. Unfortunately, Sweet M* hit a child at school today. This is bad bc this is the first time he has ever hurt a friend. The teacher said Sweet M* went up to the kid and asked if he wanted to be friends. The kid said no, and so Sweet M* hit him. We talked about it when he got home. We practiced ways he could handle the situation appropriately and I am trying (really hard) not to let fear in. I am praying this was a one time situation and that he will not repeat it. Only time will tell.

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