Monday, January 31, 2011

Winter Time Photo Re-Cap

Winter Time Fun!!!
I love Disneyland at Christmas and luckily my kids never get sick of going. Sweet M* especially enjoyed "It's a Small World" and the Christmas Parade.
My mom and grandma came along for the fun.
M* is SO into having his picture taken. This was the second time he saw Santa and both times he was more excited about the picture and candy cane treat than he was about telling the big man what he was wishing for.
Here is the foursome all together.
I think they may have enjoyed running into Pluto the most that day. He is one of their favorites.
My husband has A LOT of Christmas traditions which make the holidays so much fun for the kids. Here they are after picking out their tree.
Tree picking involves matching Santa Hats and big mugs of cocoa for all. Oh, and yes blaring and singing holiday tunes with the windows rolled down all the way there and back. FUN! We feel like if they get used to having parents who embarrass them maybe it won't bug 'em as much later- right?
The cookie party tradition was something my mom's family did when we were growing up and I LOVE being able to do it with my kids now. I have a large family so there are a bunch of kids, lots of sugar and laughter.
Sweet M* was lovin' it too! This was right after he decorated and ate his very first Christmas sugar cookie.
I think he thought it was delicious.
In December my good friend finally brought her sweet sweet baby girl home. She was kind enough to bring me home some "real" Ethiopian clothes home for my kids. I was a dingbat and only bought clothes for Sweet M* on our trip. Thanks H ;)
Sweet M* was thrilled to see sweet baby girl. He kept looking at her skin and than his and telling me that they were the same that she was "Ethiopia too" how cute is that. We are so lucky to have close friends who adopted too it really helps Sweet M* sort of understand his story and feel positive about it. Much more than I ever knew it would.
Here are the four in their adorable Ethiopian garb. Shea was thrilled to see them all wearing it and the kids were all super excited to have their own so they would match their brother!!!

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