Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Okay... first off I apologize for being a terrible blogger. I AM SORRY! Secondly, I apologize for stepping back in time and dragging you all back to November. But, life caught up with me and I did not have time to post and I have been conflicted on where to start again. So, I decided I would go blog crazy and post daily (from my backlog) until I caught up and that way I wouldn't have to feel guilty about missing any important moments. Whew... okay now to proceed since I got that off my chest :)
November was the month of birthdays. Both of my big boys had their special days. And, this is where it all began. Cuddlebear wanted a birthday with his entire class. I the dummy thought he wouldn't get a lot of kids to show bc he is just in kindergarten and we didn't really know that many of his friends or their parents. As you can see by the pinata line I was wrong. Anyhoo, because I "thought" it was going to be a small party I had merged it as a family party too where we would do cake for both boys. Hence the cake for both. So, as you can imagine this was a completely exhausting but fun filled crazy day. It was such a joy to watch Cuddlebear with his friends. He LOVES his friends and I was so impressed at how much joy he brings others. He is a sweet sweet boy!

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