Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I have thought a lot lately about my love for my son Sweet M*.

About all the differences and similarities our love and attachment have to that of my other children. I think about the love and attachment process with my biological children and about how I probably wouldn't pay so much attention to it if I hadn't adopted... never read an attachment book, read other blogs on attachment etc... And, how VERY thankful I am that I did.

Is my love for M* exactly the same as my love for my biological children- NO. But, is my love for each of my biological children identical- NO. Love is ever-changing and complex and it builds over time through all the intimate moments we are fortunate enough to spend with those dear to our hearts. I absolutely LOVE each of my children and its a true love that will never end, never die and always grow.

Now go read this beautiful post over here because it gets you thinking.

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