Thursday, January 13, 2011

Birthday Party #2

After the crazy big party for Cuddlebear I was happy Captain chose to have his party at a place that did everything for us so I was lovin' it. He also invited kids from school which was the first time he had ever chose to do that. When I used to ask him in years prior he only wanted family... a little bitter sweet for me I guess. Anyhoo, the party was a lot of fun... all the kids (especially Sweet M*) loved the blow up entertainment. I don't even know how many times Sweet M* climbed up and down that huge slide. The party was a lot of fun, but towards the end I think all of the attention starting getting to Sweet M* (see his face in the pic above). Birthdays have been hard on him. He had his birthday after being home for 6 weeks. I don't think he knew what it was and I think he barely remembers it. Belle's birthday came in August and he had a few pretty big meltdowns watching her open gifts. He did pretty good with Cuddlebear's big party but I made Cuddlebear wait until I put Sweet M* and Belle to bed before he opened gifts so it was cheating. At Captain's party he started thinking that he was being mistreated and we were not being nice to him- poor kid- and so Hubby had to take him home before he completely shut down. I have to say those moments are hard. The ones where he just does not understand. Your heart breaks for him. It breaks for the other kiddos because you don't want to ruin their special days. ugh! It's hard. Although, after both the boys back to back birthdays and looking back at his pictures of his birthday and flipping through the 2011 calendar a few dozen (hundred) times I think he feels a little more secure that his day will come again.

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