Thursday, January 13, 2011

Birthday... yes there's more!

This year we began the tradition where each child on their actual birthday gets their very own special day with mom and dad. I LOVE this tradition. I learn so much about each of my kiddos during this special time... and I get to spoil them in ways I never could bc it is hard to spoil all four. And, the kids LOVE this tradition too. The boys have been planning their special days since Belle had her's back in August and Sweet M* continues to talk about what he is going to do on his special day next June.

Captain chose Magic Mountain and he surprised me with how brave he was on all of those crazy roller coasters... I was extremely thankful the k2 was closed. Cuddlebear chose Knott's Berry Farm bc he recently developed a love for Snoopy. He loved doing all the little kid stuff which was right up my alley.

I did learn that 2 big birthday parties and 2 very special days = complete exhaustion. Thank goodness a cruise was on the horizon.

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