Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How is Sweet M*??

Experiencing (fake) Snow!!!
Well... I am still catching up on posts and it is the very end of January, but I wanted to remember where we were in December.
When looking back through the pictures these ones brought back some warm fuzzy feelings. My husband is Mr. Christmas so once we got back from our Thanksgiving cruise it was a rush to make up for lost decorating time. Sweet M* was thrilled as each rubbermaid bin came down with Christmas decor. It was so fun to watch him put up his first ornament, hang his own stocking and eat his first sugar cookie. But, my favorite memory of Christmas decorating and preparing was when Hubby took him outside to see the lights on our house at night for the first time. We have a fake snow machine that we put on the top of the house and the lights go to music.
He stood out in front of the house in AMAZEMENT.
It was like magic watching him. He had the most beautiful and sincere excitement in his eyes.

When the music was done he walked over and told me... "Mom snow is not cold." Ha... I laughed because we kept talking to him about snow. About how you have to wear special pants and gloves bc it is so cold when you touch it. And, then we walked him out to the fake snow aka: a special bubble solution and I am sure he thought we were nuts. It turns out it is very hard to explain the difference between real and fake snow to a child who just learned English and has never seen any kind of snow before in his life.


MRK said...

Interesting about the concept of fake vs. real, huh ? Two of the words I wished I'd really had in Sidamic and did not were "pretend" and "real." That would have made explaining monsters and many other things so much easier. I really felt like the kids thought that maybe monsters were a real thing in America. Glad we've got that idea figured out now, but I'd put those two words at the top of the list for translation!

We actually got real snow here in Atlanta...4 or 5 inches which was really unusual. Good thing, since Abezu had been asking "Big snow, mommy, PLEASE" as if I could just make that happen!

Chrissy said...

thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures! he looks so happy!