Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Care Package On It's Way!!!

I received an email from our case worker and this is what it said "Yes, we did get your care package that was so wonderfully put together :) thank you !! It's already on its way to Ethiopia as I type." Pretty exciting... huh. Soon my Sweet M* will be able to see who his family is. He will be able to see our faces- WOW!!! Click Here to see what we sent him.

Another WACAP family who is traveling soon to pick up her son was kind enough to offer to take another small care package for Sweet M*. This time I took the advice I had read awhile back from one of my favorite bloggers here, and I am sending a voice recorder. (Side note... that blogger got the idea from another blogger that I did not know at the time I first read the voice recorder post. And, now the brains behind the voice recording idea is a friend of mine who moved into my neighborhood. So, Sweet M* already has this local Ethiopian cutie to play with when he gets home). I have to admit it was kind of nerve racking to try and record ourselves. But, it turned out to be a lot of fun for all of us. Especially, the kids. We all took turns introducing ourselves and talking to our Sweet M*, we read stories and we put some Ethiopian music on it as well. Here is one of the songs we put on it. Enjoy!!!


Chrissy said...

I bet he's going to love his care package! I hope you get your court date soon!

adventures north said...

What an awesome idea!

Mary said...

Yay! Our care package is on its way also -- can't wait for our kiddos to be able to us (at least in picture form) too!