Monday, March 29, 2010

Second Try

Tonight while we sleep hopefully our case will be heard in Ethiopia.
We are praying that all the proper paperwork and people are present and that the power stays on so that our case will be heard and the judge will approve it.
I have to be honest it has been the hardest wait so far between not passing on the 17th and now. I miss my son. We all do. The kids constantly are asking when their brother is coming home. They want some sort of a time line and I can't give that to them yet. Belle has even buckled M*'s picture in the car... I mean really we are soooo ready. But, we know that God's timing will be perfect and we try to relax and trust in him. Here are a few recent pics of M*'s brothers and sister. (room re-model is still finishing up so pics will be another post).
Above is Captain Crazy's artwork at his school's art show. We were very proud his piece was chosen;)
Cuddlebear at the art show
Belle at Disneyland trying to convince us to buy her a Jessie doll. Hard to say no... but we did.
Captain jumping through the "A" at California Adventure
Cuddlebear swinging in the rope swing.
And, Belle being the happy girl she is ;)
Please pray for us, send us happy thoughts and positive vibes we appreciate everyone's support.


Susan said...

Good luck, I remember this time in our adoption well. You are right though. It will be HIS perfect timing.
God bless and cant wait to see photos!!

Little Ethiopia(n) said...

We didn't pass our first time either...because MOWA decided not to go to work that day! So not for any really important reason like missing paperwork...which oddly made it worse. And we were on a serious countdown to courts closing for rainy season so like you, the worst time of our whole wait was in between our first courtdate and waiting to hear when if we'd get a second courtdate before the courts closed. I was miserable. And miserable to be around. And pessimistic about everything. But we did get a 2nd date, a week later, and we passed so I have total faith you will too. I just KNOW IT! xoxo-Kat

Rachael and Jon said...

Thinking of you and praying for you as your babe's case is heard in court! Can't wait to hear you passed!! The product I use in Mekonen's hair is the Garnier Fructis leave-in-conditioner. Mekonen's hair is not very course like most African hair. His curls are a bit softer. I have tried a lot of ethnic hair care products including Carol's Daughter which many swear by, but none of them worked for him and they were expensive. I finally found this and it's perfect! I use Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo every other day or every two days. After bath put generous amnt. of fructis leave in conditioner in wet hair and let dry. Every morning I wet it and comb through it and put a generous amnt. of the conditioner in it too. Works great. I use it for touch ups during the day if necessary as well. And bonus, it's only about $4 for a pretty big bottle instead of the $20 bottles of other stuff. :)

msl said...

Fingers crossed!!! Toes crossed!!! Prays, happy thoughts and positive vibes all coming your way!!

Calmil2 said...

It's just got to happen, it's just got to....we're so ready for our buddy to come home!!!

Zoe said...

Hoping, praying, looking forward to the day when you know he's your son officially!

Amber said...

Thank you everyone... it means a lot to have a support system this waiting kinda stinks. Hoping and praying for good news tomorrow.