Friday, March 19, 2010

Yard Sale Update!!!!

I am Shocked and Amazed by the generosity of people that surround us. We made over $1400 the very first day of our 3 Day Yard Sale-a-Palooza!!! Our Goal was $2,000 for the whole weekend... and I was nervous writing that number down.
Some memorable moments from today include... having two complete strangers donate a total of $300 dollars... and as they handed me their money I think my heart skipped a beat. And, I also had the sweetest 5 year old donate his allowance money. I tried giving him change and he wouldn't accept it- how adorable is that- and how adorable is he? ;)
Sweet M* has already made his way into many of our family, friends and neighbors hearts. An amazing thing considering no one has had the privilege of meeting him yet.
An update on court... we were postponed. They believe it was due to a power outage, which if you read my last post is something pretty common in Ethiopia. Our next court date is March 30 (or the night of the 29th for us here in the US). We would greatly appreciate your prayers.
Now off to bed so I can get up again at 3:30am...


chantel said...

Hey it was fun meeting you guys in person on friday! I know you guys were probably exhausted from being up so early so thanks for chattin with us for a bit anyway. Looking forward to getting together some more.

Chrissy said...

That's awesome!