Saturday, March 27, 2010

Update from a traveling parent

I mentioned in a previous post that a very sweet traveling parent from my agency agreed to bring Sweet M* a voice recorder and some stickers for me. She just recently arrived home with her son and was sweet enough to email me this about Sweet M*, " I showed him how to stick the stickers on his clothes and he liked that. His eyes got really big when he listened to the recorder. He was beautiful! Just wanted you to know he got it and I gave him some hugs for you. :) ."

It is unreal to know that she was there looking into my son's eyes... face to face... I SO badly want to be there with him now. But, little things like this help me stay sane. Thank you so much Angeline. I really appreciate your kindness.

Just a reminder our second court date is March 29th, but it will take place Monday night here in the US bc Ethiopia is ahead of us. Please please please pray that we pass this time. That the power does not go out and that all the documents and people that need to be there are there. I am very ready to go and get Sweet M*!!!!!


T. Navis said...

How completely sweet and heart warming....Sweet M got to hear your voices! We will be thinking and praying for you in bunches!!

Mary said...

We'll be thinking of you guys! Can't wait to hear that you've passed -- and to see Sweet M's picture!!! :)

Brenna said...

Hope you get great news about court soon so you can bring your sweet one home!