Thursday, March 11, 2010

Update on M*!!!

I spoke to my caseworker today and I learned that my sweet M* was moved to the WACAP House earlier this week, this is great news!!! Previously, M* had been at an orphanage and while they do their best to take care of M* it is a little more reassuring to have him at our agency's transition house. I was told that the WACAP House has a doctor who is employed by our agency and that M* will be fed better there. Plus, when traveling parents go to pick up their children they spend a lot of time at the WACAP house getting to know their own kiddos and therefore there is more opportunities for them to also meet my sweet M*. I am really hoping this will mean that we hear some more updates on how our son is doing.

My second bit of happy news is I got an email today from a traveling parent who is leaving to pick up her son this Sat. She emailed me to let me know she received my voice recorder (woohoo)and that she was happy to give it to sweet M*. Very exciting!!! I wish I knew if he has received my first care package yet. Does he know who we are... What we look like???

But, all my happy news doesn't take away the worry I have about how the new HUGE change to Ethiopia's travel rules for adoptions might effect us. You see yesterday a rumor spread across the yahoo boards from numerous agencies stating that a new rule was made effective immediately that requires both parents to travel and appear at court (to be in person to accept their referral) and then make a 2nd trip back to Ethiopia to pick up their child. That is why I am saying HUGE change. Right now we are being told that people with a court date (like us) will NOT be effected by this change... but I am not counting my chickens. So, to say I am a little stressed in an understatement. I am praying we pass court next Thursday (really Wed. night here) so I can put this behind us. But, how selfish is that??? There are tons of families who this rule will effect if it becomes law... not to mention all the children who need families. One of the reasons people choose to adopt from Ethiopia is because of their current travel requirements. Now people may skip over Ethiopia as an option and that breaks my heart. Ethiopia is a beautiful country and there are many children in need of a loving home. My heart goes out to those children. I hope that Ethiopia is able to work on this rule and find ways to empower ethical adoptions without making the process too difficult for loving families to get through.


Kelly said...

I don't think it's selfish at all for you to want to get through that court date without the new policy causing problems! Gosh, what a crazy shock that would be if they were to require you to be there when you already have a court date. It's enough of a shock for people like me, who still have a long wait until a referral! Hang in there, and good luck next week!

Chrissy said...

I hope everything goes smoothly for you! I can't wait to see pictures!!