Friday, August 28, 2009

Time Flies...

Time really does seem to fly when we are back in school. I feel kinda like a ping pong ball most days. But, I have to admit I am liking being on a schedule and not having to come up with things to cure childhood boredom all day long. And, it has helped keep my mind off all the adoption. I don't know why I said that- it's not true. Adoption is always on my mind ;)
And, because I mentioned it let me give you an update.
I sent in my final payment to my home study agency
and she said I should have my report next week.
My passport came in the mail.
And, I mailed off my home study review fee and some docs to my placement agency.
I am really hoping to be on the wait list by the end of Oct. But, we will have to see?

Anyhoo here is a little photo update of our life the past two weeks.

We celebrated my Grandma's 81st Birthday

Said Good Bye to my Brother and his Girlfriend B
as they left to go back to school in MI

Hung out together for some sibling love

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