Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Getting Closer

TB shots... check (and I found out my husband is a bit of a wimp about shots), Police Clearance done and Notarized... check, Passport pics taken and passports ordered... check, first doc sent to be authenticated... check.-- You get the point.

We will get our tb shot sites examined tomorrow and then our medical forms will be done, and as long as my references mailed their letters all I will have left is to drive to *** to get my notaries certified by the county and then over to *** to get my dossier docs authenticated. I also have to hand deliver the rest of my home study b/c my agency is having trouble with their mail.. ahhhh!!!!

At some moments I feel so close to being done (like when I first sat down to write this post)... and the next minute (i.e. Now) I feel like I am never going to finish. Someday I will be done and someday I will get that call and someday I will hold my sweet boy in my arms... but for now it is just someday.

Here's to happy paperchasing.


Anonymous said...

That is SO how I feel, too. And will probably keep feeling until we officially land on the waiting list.

Hope everything happens speedily for you!

msl said...

Boy do I remember the days of paperchasing.... Ugh!
Hang in there. Your someday is going to be so worth it!!

Lonnie said...

Keep Chasing. It does end. You'll get there!