Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hi... I am a mailbox stalker

Seriously... I am stalking my mailbox for birth certificates, passports, and the list goes on. My husband has always had a weird obsession with the mail. Regardless of what else might be going on the first thing my husband does when he comes home is get the mail. This includes after coming home at 1am from a theme park. He loves mail. But, as he recently pointing out to me... I have now become the obsessed one. No longer can I tease him :(

Although, I have come to the realization that once these documents are delivered in my mailbox there are only a few more things that I have control over. And, for those of you who know me well... saying I like to be in control is an understatement. I would say that if my husband is obsessed with the mail... I must be obsessed with having control. So this will be a good life lesson for me (whaaaa... I am already crying about it though).

You see up until now I have been in control of our adoption, and even though I am thrilled to be moving forward... I am not as thrilled to be entering the point where everything is out of my hands. You see I have finished all of the paperwork I could do on my end. There are just a few documents that I am waiting on and then I go to have it all authenticated by the Sec. of State. Then it happens... I mail it all away to my placement agency and with it goes my control. We will then be entering the waiting stage where absolutely nothing happens... really nothing!! Until...

we get THE CALL!!!

So, I will indulge myself in these next few weeks of being in control... and then I will have to put my A type personality in check. And, stay busy with all the other craziness that goes on in my life.

Luckily, I have these cute bugs to keep me busy. (Not to mention its busy season at work)


Anonymous said...

Boy, can I relate to the need to be in control! It's really going to be challenged by this adoption process. Which is a good thing, but it's hard!

adventures north said...

Once its all done, you have to obsess with your e-mail, too, as we didn't get "the call" but we got "the e-mail." You never know when and what and who might come your way!

Kelly said...

Hi - I just found your blog today. We are in a similar phase of our Ethiopian adoption (finishing the home study and dossier package), and I can SO relate to the need to see those items arriving in the mail! I look forward to following along on your journey.