Thursday, April 2, 2009

Home Study Ahead!!!

On the adoption front we have hit a couple little milestones... yay!!!
1) I have sent in enough paperwork that my social worker (whom I love) is coming to do our home study meeting next week. This is a big deal in our adoption world b/c it is a 4 hour meeting where she will interview Hubby and I together and alone, the kids and take a tour of our home to see if we are fit enough parents to add another little one to our crew. I am seriously kind of freaking out about cleaning my house and hoping that everything goes smoothly next week (the big day is Thursday).
2) I sent in the remaining paperwork and payment to my placement agency so that they can send us all of our dossier instructions. Basically, just more paperwork to complete. And, much of it coincides with paperwork that the home study agency needs. So, needless to say I am grateful that we have raised enough funds to get started on both at the same time. Which brings me to my next task which has been to raise more funds... and I am trying to be clever.
So far we have:
sold items on craigs list, sold some of the time share points that we owned, and booked a vacation for someone using our dvc points, gave up eating out (we didn't do much of it anyway so not a huge savings), gave up spending on wants-- now we only spend on the needs, and we also asked for donations during x-mas and our bdays in lieu of gifts. This has gotten us to about $6,000. The entire adoption will cost us about $20,000. But, we have time and more ideas.
Like the Yard Sale... so if you have any junk that you don't want lying around anymore... please consider donating it to us to sale at our yard sale. We will pick up and store anything you may have. We plan on having the sale this May.
And, if anyone out there has any more ideas please let me know :)

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Calmil2 said...

Wow, homestudy this Thursday, I can't wait to hear how it goes...I know it will be fine!! I'm always here to help with any of your ideas to raise funds because I'm right there with ya :) Hope you're feeling better!!