Friday, April 17, 2009

Elias Sime & Friends!!!

Yesterday I was fortunate enough (thanks sweetie) to sneak away from work and my kiddos to enjoy a fun day with H & some new friends. We went to see the art exhibit where we met the Ethiopian artist Elias Sime... he is Ah-Mazing!!! All of his pieces were made with found materials it was incredible. And, did you read we were able to actually meet him... wowza!!! You can read more about Elias here... and you will notice I stole one of the above pics from Kat (thank you!!).

I had so much fun meeting the other adoptive and prospective adoptive parents (AP's and PAP's in the adoption world). Kat showed us around Little Ethiopia in LA and we were able to eat a traditional ethiopian meal at Messob. It looks a little funky yes, but it is delicious... mmmm!!! I can't wait to go back a group of AP's and PAP's meet there monthly to let the kids play and the adults chat... sounds like a good time to me.

On the adoption front Hubby and I have now been LiveScanned (basically lots of fingerprints) so were are dwindling the long list of paperwork to do's off our home study list... and we should be receiving the instructions for our dossier next week!!!

(Oh... the shoeless pic is b/c Tom's Shoes had a day without shoes yesterday)


Calmil2 said...

Seriously, one of the best days ever. Okay, after getting married, having the boys and whatever Basketball game that Mike was talking about :) Can't wait to go again!!! Harmony

Julie said...

So thrilled to meet you, and so happy to know where your blog is!! Your kids are crazy cute! See you next week at the monthly gathering?

Little Ethiopia(n) said...

ok, so Julie just took all my comments! (she beat me to it by 20 something minutes!) Your kids...SO cute (could you daughter have a bigger dimple!) I just added your blog to my reader...more obsessive reading Yay!

msl said...

Amber it was so great to meet you!! It was an amazing day!! And let me add to the chorus and say oh my gosh could your three kiddos get any cuter?!! Hope you guys can make it to the lunch next Saturday!!

Amber said...

Thank you... I appreciate all of your kind words. This process is something, but really I feel like it has already made some wonderful and profound differences in my life. My husband and I are slowing down for a little bit and kind of waiting out the storm to see which direction we want to move forward with. And, Gladney girls I did contact Judy to get some information just in case I feel that we need to switch agencies. Again, thank you so much for your support. Now if only my husband had a support group like me... lol!!!