Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Road Block

So, who ever said international adoption was easy??? Well, I know that no one in their right mind would say that... and I have been fair warned so my first little road block occurred this past weekend... frustrating to say the least.
Our home study has been going great we are finishing up collecting our final documents. When this past weekend we received a letter from our placement agency. They increased our fees by a pretty decent amount.
Well, I should say they increased everyone's fees that will receive a referral after mid July which is 6 months before we would even possibly see a referral. So, my dilemma is that I do not like the way that my agency has been handling this and now I have a choice. Being that I am in the beginning stages I would receive a refund all but my little application fee at this point if I decided to switch agencies. So, I have been back on all of my research groups scouring the agencies that I had in my top group to see if there is another agency that would fit my standards a little better. I am not saying that I will switch... I just feel compelled to at least take a breather and make sure that I am on the correct path.
I know that God has a plan and that if there is a little boy in Africa that is supposed to be our son... the day will come where we will bring him home. And, that is what comforts me now.
But, if any of you with more experience want to leave me some feedback I would be grateful!!!


Little Ethiopia(n) said...

OH Blech! It seems the littlest things in this journey can cause you to majorly second guess every decision! Not that a fee increase is a little thing but you know what I mean. I really feel for you!

My two cents: We love Gladney. And we love Partners for Adoption as our home study agency so I'm guessing as a placement agency they are great too. I've heard good things about Holt (new ET program) and WACAP. And if it helps--we started with one agency, paid our application fee, started paperwork, but a month into it, it just didn't feel right so we switched to Gladney and were instantly "at home." I still think that first agency is a good one, but it just wasn't a good match for us at the time. I'll be glad to tell you more about our switch or talk to you about Gladney-just give me a call.

Silver Lining: when you are 'done' with this particular decision, you can feel REALLY confident ya'll are with the right agency.

Good luck!--Kat

Calmil2 said...

You know I'm behind you whatever you do!! Not easy this process, that's for sure, but worth it in the end :)

Blog Shmog said...

What a bummer! I hate road blocks. :(

We are with Gladney too and have nothing but positive things to say about them. I hope you feel a peace about whatever decision you make.

msl said...

I'm jumping on the Gladney endorsement band wagon!! We loved them!! I think you told me you're using Adoption Options for your home study agency - we did too! - so I know they and Gladney are already familiar with each other. But hey it's not like I'm pushing ; ) !!
Kat is right though. There are a lot of good agencies and I'm sure if you decide to switch you'll find the one that is the right fit for you. Hang in there!!

T. Navis said...

Aw man! Sorry to hear that this happened! But I know you Mamians...you are fighters! AND you do your homework like maniacs to move forward from here... I have every bit of confidence that things will turn out and will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!

M said...

You know, we were looking at AAI, too but decided against them in part because we knew they would be raising fees but for other reasons related to communication (which it sounds like may be a part of this issue) and other things as well. We've considered Gladney as many others have spoken of here, but I've mostly zeroed in on WACAP, WHFC, and CHSFS and have been doing TONS of research on them including long phone calls. If you want to email me personally, I can tell you a bit of what I've found....(I've read a ton on the same yahoo groups that you're probably looking at, too, but my phone calls with the agencies were helpful as well).

Christy O said...

We are working with CWA and are having a fabulous experience with them. For our last adoption we used a different agency, and we would never ever recommend them. This agency is just beyond night and day different and we are thrilled. Court should be the end of this month!