Sunday, April 5, 2009

Universal Studios

The above picture was so funny... Cuddlebear hugged Belle tightly on purpose b/c he was soaking wet and Belle had been avoiding getting wet. Poor Baby Belle was so mad at him... but lucky they made up and the proof is below-- little does Belle now this kind of baffoonery is just getting started!!!

Well, our spring break has come to a close... we had a lot of fun this weekend. And, Universal was no exception. The kids enjoyed playing in the Curious George Ball area and water park. And, Captain also enjoyed the big kid rides (Mummy and Jurassic). Captain was also picked to be a volunteer in one of the shows where he wears a suit and he thinks he is controlling this huge monster... I have it on video and I will try and post it when I have time. He was so brave it was adorable... I was really proud of him!(especially considering that I would have been to scared and wimped out). But, now it is back to school tomorrow...weep...weep.

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Blog Shmog said...

thanks for your comment! you are too sweet. :) Your kids are ADORABLE!!