Monday, March 30, 2009

Got Junk???

That is right... you have junk and I want it... lol!!! We are having a HUGE yard sale to help defray some of our adoption costs. So, I have put together a list of things we are looking for, and if you are the proud owners of such "junk" (aka treasure) and would like to donate it to us we would greatly appreciate it.
We are collecting your junk now through the end of April and will have our sale in May.
We will drive, pick up and store any donations you may have. So, here is your excuse to get started on that spring cleaning you have been putting off and get rid of some junk... and just think you won't have to hold a dreaded yard sale... lol.

Some items we are specifically looking for include...
toys, baby items, baby and kid clothing, electronics, cds, dvds, books (especially children's), any furniture, dish sets, pots & pans, bed sets, sporting goods & home decor items, power tools, fishing/hunting gear, & gardening equipment.


A quick update on me... I am recovering quickly from my surgery and have been getting a lot of much needed rest thanks to my wonderful parents and sister as well as my husband (who managed to keep the kids out of the house from 10am-2pm yesterday)-- thank you sweetie.
And, I would also like to thank my friend H who brought over a delicious cheesecake which Cuddlebear renamed the best cake in the world. She is putting together a cheesecake cookbook (part of the proceeds will benefit ovarian cancer)... and she promised me they are easy to make so I am pretty excited... here's a picture of one of her cakes.


Calmil2 said...

Ahh, you are so sweet! Thanks for posting about my Cheesecake Cookbook. They really are easy to make and delicious to eat :) Now I just need to get it done!!!

T. Navis said...

Great to hear you are doing great little buddy! Yummy cheesecake!!!!

T. Navis said...

You are sure to get a huge yard sale with a cool sign like that!

bsgossett said...

Surgery!! Glad to hear you are feeling better now.
I have been in my home for 16 years, there are a few things I can part I'll get them to you.
Adoption! We look forward to watching your family grow and seeing God work in your lives