Friday, February 25, 2011


So, this week I have just felt so close to Sweet M*. I think it was my reward for keeping my cool while being tested so much last week. It is interesting after the testing phase we usually make a jump forward and boy does it feel amazing.

Last night my older boys were being pistols right before dinner. Usually, we go around and the kids each get a chance to tell us their favorite part of the day, but yesterday I also asked them to tell me one reason they love their family. Captain Crazy, Cuddlebear and Belle said the normal generic responses that kids might say when asked such questions but then it was Sweet M*'s turn and he said, "I love my family because we all stay in the same house, we are safe in our house, we have food. Some people don't have food but we have good food. And, I love my mom. And, I love my dad." Just the way he said it so seriously and well thought out. He was trying to use all the correct words and pronunciations. It melted my heart and tears fell down my face. He is one Sweet Sweet Boy.



and I had tears just reading that. Precious!

Zoe said...

Ooh, so sweet, so precious.