Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Back to Christmas!

Okay, so remember I am backtracking to catch up on the blog posts that I missed bc I want to be able to look back through these some day. Especially, now after I just re-read through every blog post I have ever done. Man o man does that make you realize that time flies :)

So, during the holidays there were some things that meant a lot to me including:

Finding a matching stocking for Sweet M*
A few years back I had purchased matching stockings from Pottery Barn. I was tempted to purchase an extra but my hubby thought that was crazy so I passed. Then as we began the adoption process I was stressed about the stockings (weird panic- YES). I called PB but it was not Christmas season and they just told me that the stockings were a yearly item and I had to call back. They reassured me that my stocking had been sold at PB for years and they expected to see it again. But, then Christmas came (we were on the waitlist) and I called PB to order my stocking as planned but to my despair my stocking was no longer available :(
But, I found one on ebay and made sure Hubby knew about it. I wanted it... and then it was gone. I secretly thought I would get it as a xmas gift- but NO. Someone else had bought MY stocking.
Now fast forward to this past Christmas and Sweet M* wanting everything to be the same. Trying to make sure that he is loved as much as his brothers and sister and my heart breaking. I searched and searched and ALAS ebay came through one last time and I was able to purchase his stocking. And, we were able to have it embroidered before the holiday (sounds simple but turns out embroiderers are very busy during the holidays). But, one week before Christmas the Mission was Complete... and All was Good!
Ethiopian Food and Bonding
The holiday break also gave me time to drive down to feast on some delicious Ethiopian Food. The boys (as you can tell) LOVED their meal. We had a great conversation with the restaurant owner and the waitress, toured the shops and headed home. It was really sweet to watch Captain Crazy. One of the little shops sold Fanta in a glass bottle and it reminded Captain of the Miranda he drank in Ethiopia, so he pulled out his wallet and bought one bottle for him and Sweet M* to share along with a bag of Kolo (a traditional barley snack in Ethiopia). It warmed my heart as we continued down the street. How these two strangers became the best of brothers is AMAZING!!! I wish Sweet M*'s birth family could witness moments like these.

And, lastly this ornament was made by my friend H. She had made it while we were both waiting for our referrals and this past Christmas as I hung it one my tree an amazing feeling came over me. We did it! We made it through the tough decisions, the paperwork, the waiting and the dreaded flight. We were FINALLY both home with our sweet babe's celebrating a magical holiday.

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