Thursday, December 6, 2012

Sunshine in Winter

How I got so lucky in life I am not sure but... I am insanely grateful.  We were able to visit Aulani again a few weeks ago during Thanksgiving.  This time we traveled with Hubby's sister, her husband and our amazing teenage nieces.  

It was an amazing vacation.  It was relaxing, the kids were well behaved and we had so much fun.  This was also the very first vacation that Sweet M* felt comfortable and it was amazing to watch him let loose and have fun. 
We have traveled a lot since M* has been home but typically he has a very hard time.  He has trouble with any transition and bc a vacation is essentially a break from all routine he usually cannot enjoy it.  It was dreamy this time watching him splash around and laugh.  He even did well when he was hungry and tired.  I am so so very thankful that he has made such great progress.  He is such an amazing kid! 
Talking about amazing kids.  I have three more who impress me just as much as M* does.  I am one lucky momma.  People always ask me how I do it with 4 kids.  But, honestly they all get along (for the most part) and there is always someone to play with.  In some ways I think big families actually can be easier.
Here is me and my big happy family!!
 Here is hubby with the kids.  He is such an amazing dad.  These kids are so lucky to have a dad who is always so engaged.  He finds ways for them to have fun ALL the time.  That also means that mom gets to rest.  That is actually a hard thing for me to do.  I feel like I have had babies forever and now we are in a new phase.  It is great but I find myself bored.  I need to find some hobbies ;)
One hobby I have worked really hard at lately is just soaking up all the memories.  We are in the golden years and I want to be there for all of it. 
I saw this picture when we got home and nearly burst into tears.  Belle was so tall standing next to me.  I had to come to reality with the fact that she is growing up.  Honestly, in my eyes she is 2 but when I looked at this I realized she is not even a toddler any more she is a kid.  Oh, the pain this causes my heart.  I just wish I could stop time... or go back and re-live some of the amazing moments we have had.  But, alas the only thing I could pull together was a pledge to myself that I would be more present.

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MRK said...

Really glad you still post occasionally and super happy for you that things are going well.