Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Boys Birthday Bonanza

We have a family tradition we started on Belle's third birthday.  Every child on their actual birthday gets a day with mom and dad all to themselves and they get completely and ridiculously spoiled.  It usually involves their theme park of choice, meals, games and lots of extra treats that we can never do with all 4 kids together.  I LOVE this tradition.  But, this year a family vacation landed right in the middle of our older boys birthday week (their birthdays are a few days apart).  So, we went back to the tradition we had when it was just the two of them and we had a birthday weekend.  It was so much fun to have these two together.

We stayed at the Grand Californian and somehow got the bunk bed room they always wanted without even requesting it (#welookedlikeawesomeparents)- woot!  woot!  We spent two days with the two of them and then on the third day we were joined with more family members.  It was a fantastic trip and one I hope the boys always remember. 

There was also a ton of reminiscing between myself and hubby... we never have time with just the two of them like we did before the other two came along and it was nice.  They have blossomed into amazing little (i mean BIG) boys.  Cuddlebear is the oldest and the son that made me a mom.  He is amazing, sweet, intelligent and he is the best big brother in the world.  This one is so attached to our family right now that he cries when he doesn't have time to play with his siblings (usually bc he has too much homework or soccer ran late).  Captain Crazy was a crazy toddler but he is now the most considerate, sweet and loving child around.  He is witty and insanely funny.  He loves women and thinks they should be treated like royalty which is fantastic for Belle and myself.  Captain sings me love songs, tells me I am beautiful and loves for hubby to kiss me or tell me something sweet.  I am one lucky mom to have these two amazing kids.

I love our real tradition, but this years detour was nice too!

Here are some pics:

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