Friday, April 16, 2010

Underwear for Ethiopia Update!!!

I have in my possession over 150 pairs of NEW undies for kids living in orphanages in Ethiopia... plus we have collected $210 in monetary donations which we will use to fill in gaps on sizes/ gender that we do not receive by our deadline next Wed. April 21st.
Plus, another AMAZING mom and blogger was gracious enough to join in and host a drive herself and she sent me an update this morning that she already has received 258 pairs of underwear. 258 pairs!!!!
That means our total thus far is over 400 pairs of NEW/ Packaged Underwear!!!! Good thing I am packing light so we can fill rubbermaid bins of undies :) I already contacted my agency so that they could help find more orphanages in need so that each and every pair will be given to the most needy children.
We are making a difference!!! Thank you Everyone!!!


Josh and Tera said...

Wow - absolutely amazing!!

Mary said...

Amber, that's awesome!! Such a great thing to be making a real difference. Kudos to all!

Karen Phillips said...

I'm so happy to be your fellow "underwear lady" =) 292 is the tally today...woohoo!!!!! Lmk how your family/friends celebration goes this weekend! So exciting! kp