Friday, April 2, 2010

Travel Dates!!!

WOW... I am still flying high with excitement from getting the news that Sweet M* is my son. I can't even put into words the excitement and anticipation that I feel right now. I have a lot of updates so lets get started.

Travel Dates- We found out yesterday that we are traveling May 11-21st. We may leave May 9th if we think we can leave the kiddos and business long enough to visit the orphanage that Sweet M* was in initially. We really want to make this happen but its just a matter of if it is a real possibility or not at this point?? We also are advocating for squeezing in the earlier travel group which would leave April 27th- May 7th. But, our agency is not sure they can process the required paperwork in time. I am keeping my fingers crossed though as those dates would be MUCH better for us. But, either way we are ecstatic. The thought that we will be meeting our son and coming home to finally be a completed family is just overwhelming... and GOOD!

Orphanage Donations- We are starting an underwear donation drive. Our transition house and the orphanage could use boys and girls underwear in sizes 2T-12. We are hoping to bring tubs of NEW/ clean underwear for the kids. I know they are short especially on boys sizes 5-10. If anyone out there in blogland wants to help contribute leave a comment with your email address and I will email you my mailing address.
They are also in need of soy formula (parents choice available at Walmart), diapers in all sizes (but more smaller bc the kiddos are potty trained very young), new and like new kids and teen clothing, dark colored tights for kids 1-4 yrs, lice shampoo, hydrocortizone cream, diaper rash ointment, band aids, multi vitamins (drops for infants, chewable for kids), toothbrushes, toothpaste, & plastic pants.

Some of you have asked if we need anything for Sweet M*. Or if we are having a shower. The answer is thank you so much but, no. We are so lucky to already have EVERYTHING we need for him. What we really would like is for our family and friends who would like to have given a gift to help us by giving donations for us to bring to the transition house and orphanage when we travel. Families that traveled before us have been bringing donations that have helped Sweet M* while he is there. It is a pay it forward type system and we would LOVE to help the kiddos who will follow in our sweet boy's footsteps. And, each little bit helps. We thank you in advance for your generosity and understanding.


Mary said...

Love those dates! If we pass court next week, those are the tentative travel dates we've been given (May 11-21). Maybe we'll be travel buddies!! :)


Amber said...

that would be awesome!!! I will keep you in my prayers. Hoping you pass the first time and find out the good news asap!!!

Molly said...

Delurking to say that I'm so happy to see everything coming together for you! Congratulations on passing court, and on your new little guy. I'm enjoying following your journey so much...we too are adopting from Ethiopia, likely a little boy, and currently have two boys and a girl. :)

Kerri said...

If there's any way you can squeeze in a trip to Shea's orphanage, you need to. I speak from experience when I say it will be a huge regret if you don't. Every little bit of answers of life before you will be beneficial for you all and Shea. That said, I know there's not always a way to squeeze it in so no guilt if you can't.

adventures north said...

My .02 -- make it work somehow to get to Shea's 1st orphanage. We didn't the 1st time and regretted it. Fortunately, we have amazing friends, family, and connections that helped us fill in gaps and open doors and we did make the trip there this last time, but I wish we'd done it right away. A's 1st place was quite a haul, but absolutely worth the trip 1000x over.