Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dear Family & Friends

We leave in One Week!!!

As we prepare to travel and bring home M* we wanted to give everyone a "heads up" on what to expect when we come home. Please try to put yourselves in our boy's shoes... for all of us this is a happy exciting time but, for him it is another scary transition. He is entering a whole new culture, language, and family. To him we are complete strangers. Yes, we sent him photos and a voice recorder so he could hear our voice, and he has also been working with a social worker who is helping to prepare him. But, at almost 3 years old nothing can prepare you for such a HUGE life altering change. So, in order to help us bond and attach with Sweet M* (and allow M* to get used to us and his surroundings) we are requesting that we not have any visitors for at least 2 weeks.
Trust me it is not easy for me to turn away family and friends who come with kindness in their hearts to our door, but I have to protect my son. I have to put that mama bear mentality in action. After the 2 weeks we will re-evaluate where M* is and update everyone on how we will move forward. It very well may be that we sort of stay in incubation for anywhere up to 6-8 weeks.
However, if you do not want to wait that long to see M*'s sweet sweet face in person we are inviting family & friends to meet us at the airport to welcome him home when we arrive on May 7th. We are asking that everyone gives Cuddlebear and Belle a chance to see and meet their brother first, but after that we will all be excited to see familiar faces and share our new son. I can't promise we will hang around long bc I am going to base it completely on M*. If you want details you can leave a comment or send me a facebook message.


Josh and Tera said...
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Calmil2 said...

I can't promise that I will not sneak in the back door to bring you meals and get some hugs, but I will do my best :)
I think I can actually make the May 7th arrival, I will save May 8th for making cheesecakes so that I can come on the 7th :)
xoxo, H

MRK said...

Very wise, Amber! Wish I lived close enough to meet you all at the airport, but I'll have to satisfy myself by catching your blog updates instead. 1 week to go - so exciting!

Brenna said...

You are wise! We always hibernate at home when our kids come home to give them time to figure out just what is going on, and so we can all begin to bond. It helps our sweet kids tremendously. Hope Mamush adjusts smoothly into your family~

adventures north said...

Good mamma. We had too much going on this last time, and it was, well, too much. But in the meantime, if Harmony sneaks over to spy and then lets us know how wonderful he is, we won't complain!