Thursday, February 25, 2010

Room Re-Model!!!

Tomorrow morning the wall is coming down. Yes, we are going forward with the room re-model thanks to the kindness of my uncle who is a contractor two of our kid rooms are going to joined together into one large shared room for all 4 of our kiddos.
We went furniture shopping last weekend to find a second bunkbed, since Bombay kids is no more ;( And, we were pleasantly surprised. I don't know when furniture stores turned into carnivals, but let me tell you that was some of the easiest and pleasant shopping I have done with 3 kids in a long long time. Between two stores they received toys, got their faces painted, ate fresh baked cookies, and could have had more if I let them. It was hilarious. Anyhoo, I highly recommend it.
On the adoption front we are still waiting for our court date. We have been getting our travel shots and doing a lot of reading on attachment. But, mostly we are getting excited b/c in just a few months we will bring our little boy home!!!


Chrissy said...

Good luck with the re-model! Sounds like a lot of fun!! You must be getting so excited. Just think M will be here soon!!

M said...

Did you find a good deal on a nice bunkbed? Where/what brand? We will need two and will have to get rid of our son's Bombay Kids trundle bed :-( Definitely bummed that Bombay Kids is no more and that I probably can't afford two from Land of Nod or PBK!