Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Break FUN!

This past weekend we took off for a road trip bc the kids were on spring break. I was dreading the trip a little bit bc we have never taken M* on a road trip before and the past week he had so many changes to his routine (due to us taking off last weekend and the two older kids being on spring break all week) that I was worried this could send him over the edge. But, thankfully ALL of the kids were AMAZING.
They enjoyed the special treats we brought with us and the movies in the car. We left early on the way there so they got some sleep too. It was a really great experience. We are even looking into more resorts to drive to bc we enjoyed ourselves so much.
I was so proud of Sweet M* especially. I could tell he was nervous. It is so hard to watch him struggle like that when the other kids just get to have fun and be excited. He is trying to do that but it is masked by the fear that this change in routine is going to end with him needing to move to a new family. Ugh... is that ever going to change? Is he ever going to be able to relax and just enjoy new adventures? I certainly hope so. But, in the mean time I do my best to reassure him... to prepare him... and to support and love on him as he tries. He is a brave brave boy!
Here are some pics from our journey. Looking back through these pics it looks like all we did was eat... we really did swim a lot too. I swear... we just need a water camera.

Arriving at the hotel after our 5 hour drive... all smiles
Getting ready to see "Horny the Bull"... bc with a name like that we sure weren't going to miss that opportunity.
Why they have a bull stationed in front of this restaurant (that specializes in steak) is beyond me... but Captain Crazy thought it was pretty cool
Can you believe how tall Sweet M* is getting? He passed Belle awhile ago and now he is working his way towards Cuddlebear
Belle has entered the age of not being able to smile for the camera bc she thinks about it too much... its so funny that each of my kids have done this around 3 1/2 year old :)
I think Sweet M* enjoyed the slide down to the restaurant even more than seeing the bull... could it get any better. A restaurant with a bull AND a slide?
YES... Yes it can. The kids eyes lit up when the waitress brought over the huge cotton candy that was included with their meals.
A bull, a slide, cotton candy and paper bull hats... if only every restaurant were this kid friendly right?Check out Cuddlebear's face... I think he was a little nervous that "Horny" was getting closer ;)
Ahhh... there is the smile we love
My attempt at once again trying to get a good posed shot... so not ever happening
The next few shots are of the us at an adorable ice cream parlor. We shared some delicious sundaes. We partnered up to conquer the deliciousness. I think I had the best partner considering how much I LOVE ice cream and how little my daughter does ;)

Our trip ended on a horse and carriage ride under the lights in Old Town. Belle had a smile ear to ear the whole time bc in her mind the only other person that gets to ride in a carriage is Cinderella!


Jim said...

This definitely looks like kid friendly family fun. Sweet M* IS getting really tall. And I just love the photo of Belle when she is not smiling. It's gorgeous (of both of you). My kids will sometimes smile for the camera, but the smiles are often too big and forced and their eyes pop out, etc. Her unforced shot is just perfectly peaceful and gorgeous. Glad the trip went well!


Jim said...

p.s. I just realized that I'm logged in under my husband's gmail account! You know who this is, though. MRK/Megan