Sunday, September 26, 2010

Comical Chaos

One thing I'm learning about having 4 kiddos is picture taking is crazy impossible. Yesterday I tried so hard to get the 4 of these guys to smile and simultaneously look at the camera. My attempts were not fruitful. But, when I went back through some of the pictures I found these. Watch what happens...
Here is when mom starts to say "can you guys look at me and smile"... Everything seems to be going good.
Take a look at Belle... she has the devious look in her eye. She spots the jumping water fountain heading towards her brothers. Does she warn them?
Nope... Now Sweet M* realizes the water is going to get him. Oh, no. Captain Crazy doesn't seem to mind. Cuddlebear is obviously done with the photo session.
The boys get doused... Belle tries her best to not get a single drop on her.
Sweet success!!! Brothers are soaked and the princess is dry and happy!
Not the pictures I had in mind. But, definitely good memories.
Happy Sunday!


Ashley said...

So sweet, these pictures remind me of my family now. Three boys and one little girl! Precious!

Danielle said...

These are great pictures! I love them

Cindy said...

Great Pictures!!

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