Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Belle's 3rd Birthday!!!

My baby girl turned 3 yesterday. I cannot believe how fast time flies. I can remember looking at her for the first time in awe because I couldn't believe she was a girl. And, now her she is a sweet, sassy, funny, beautiful 3 year old girl.
This year we are trying something new... on each of the kids actual birthdays they get a special day with mom and dad all to themselves. We will do everything that they want to do and they have our full attention. We are doing this because with 4 kids it is very hard to get share all of the attention. This way they are guaranteed at least one day a year where EVERYTHING is about them!!
So, the princess awoke to her gift from mom and dad...
Then we dressed her up like the princess she is...
and we wisked her away to her favorite place!!!
She took her time looking in each window bc brothers are usually too impatient ;)
She pretended to be a princess and she wanted us to snap pictures while she posed.

She LOVED having ALL of our attention.
She met some of her favorite princesses and got to eat lunch with them.
Her princess lunch ended with a special treat and song.
She was so excited to blow out the candle.
She rode her favorite ride... yes Matterhorn???
She ate her favorite treat... yum!
I think the day was a success. We had such a fun time together!!!


Charity Hildebrand said...

Awww, what sweet pictures! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELLA!

T. Navis said...

So, so, sooooooo beautiful! LOVE the birthday holiday just for her! Happy Birthday Ella!!!!

MRK said...

This is the perfect idea for a special birthday each year. I love it. Unfortunately, we don't have family nearby where we can drop our other 3 kids! But we may do a half day with mom (while dad watches the other 3) followed by a half day with dad (while mom watches the other 3). I love your idea, and it looks like Ella had a wonderful princessy day.

adventures north said...

She is such a little beauty! I love the picture of her hair tumbling down her back as she looks in the window. Great birthday idea, too. We also overhauled how we do birthdays last year. Must be something about having 4 kids....