Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sun Fun 3- Disneyworld!!!

Our 1st Trip as a Complete Family
We had a fabulous trip to Disneyworld for the first time as a complete family. The kids had a blast meeting some of their favorite pals.
The funsome four found all sorts of ways to have fun... some included tricks played on me ;)
We got a lot of stares when we went out together... I thought it was bc of our skin tones, but now that I look back through the pictures I think people may have been staring bc they thought we must be crazy to have so many kids so close in age... I sometimes think so myself.
Sweet M* enjoyed showing Belle how to play some traditional African instruments in Animal Kingdom... too cute.
Our princess met her favorite princess... she was a little star struck.
Big brothers played some jokes on their little brother. Don't worry he plays plenty on them too!One of the best parts about the trip was we were able to spend some QT with my dad (aka Papa) who has been gone working in FL for a few months.

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MRK said...

So glad you had a fun trip and so glad you're back and blogging again!