Thursday, August 26, 2010

End of Summer Re-Cap

Turns out going back to work during our busiest season, launching a new business, getting back to the kids school schedule & being a mom don't leave much time for blogging... ugh! So, here is my late night attempt to catch up from the past few weeks...

The above pics were from Coronado we had a lot of fun splashing around and then having dinner with my mom, Aunt E and Uncle J. I thought it would be cold hence no swim suits... but the boys just jumped in anyways.

We had a blast celebrating a special princess' 3rd birthday. It is too bad we don't get to hang out with these guys more often. We miss them already! Belle was in heaven hanging around another girl. And, the boys had a great time too.

Lastly here are a few pictures from the boys' first day back to school. Cuddlebear is in "big school" now aka kindergarten (can you hear me weeping) and he is doing great!!! I was worried about the long days but Cuddlebear loves his teacher and his buddies at school so he doesn't seem to mind. Captain Crazy is doing well too although I am having trouble believing I have a second grader. Where does the time go???

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