Sunday, May 30, 2010

Learning Language- Words

I wanted to track Sweet M*'s English, so I decided I would post it occasionally so I can later look back at his progress. I think he is doing pretty well. He understands a lot and he can say new words daily. So far he has learned to say... I love you, please, thank you, more, all done, yummy, yucky, fast, car, airplane, helicopter, good morning, sleeping, dragon, mickey, goofy, baby, cooking, cold, hot, glasses, later, carpet, outside, inside, up, mommy, daddy, water, park, dog, cat, help, 1...2...3...4, a...b...c...d & no. If anyone has any suggestions on helping kids learn English please share them with me. Thanks!
I forgot he can also say hello (thank you Megan), good bye, splash, wash, shirt, pants, jacket, jump & yogurt.


Ashley said...

Wow! He has picked up on a lot! My twin 6 year old boys just came home 1 week ago and have not learned NEARLY that many words! I wonder if it's the difference in their age, or the fact that my boys have each other to talk to in Oromo (which they do a lot)...I would love any tips as well!

MRK said...

No tips here but you forgot one word on his list: Hello! (loved that video clip you posted of him saying it over and over in the back of the pickup).


Calmil2 said...

He's such a smarty (pants, ha:) and oh, so cute. You guys are doing great!!! I have a friend who used videos that were meant for kids that spoke spanish to learn English....i'll see if I can remember the names...but really what you are doing is obviously working :)