Thursday, May 20, 2010

Days 3-5

Dune Crashing, Camel Rides and Dinner
(In the Dunes during a break from the craziness below)
(Scary tricks... I thought we were going to die)
(More Crazy Dune Crashing)
(After the sun started to set they took us to this camp for dinner)
(The Middle Eastern Cuisine was Yummy!)
(Captain Crazy got a henna tattoo)
(Then he got another... the first was a butterfly and he needed something with more muscle)
(Father and son watching the belly dancer)
(Captain getting kisses from the camel- they were actually very nice!)
(the camels not the kisses)
(We enjoyed the camel rides- still part of the Dune Crashing Adventure)
(Madinot- the hotel was linked with ours and they had shops and restaurants)
(Captain LOVED that he could get a kids meal in Dubai)
(Standing in front of the Full Ski Hill with a Chair Lift inside the mall)(Atlantis Hotel Aquarium)

Dubai was a lot of fun. My favorite thing that we did while we were there was the Dune Crashing Adventure. We used Arabian Adventures and I HIGHLY recommend them!!! They picked us up drove us to the dunes. We met up with about 20 other nice new tahoe trucks and they let our some air from their tires and we drove through the dunes for about 45 minutes. Just a note... Captain and Hubby started off in the very back seats and both got sick. I was fine and I was in the second row. I would recommend being picky about where you sit. We ended up at a really cool camp that was set up for our dinner. Captain got a henna tattoo, we watched the belly dancer and rode camels. The funny thing about Dubai is the pricing is all over the place. But, I think this only cost about $70 per person which was well worth it.

Our hotel was actually owned by the Sheikh Mohammed... and it was connected to 3 resorts. we enjoyed being driven in the golf cart over to the Madinot... it was gorgeous and had a Souk (which was a bunch of stores and restaurants). They also had a coffee shop that we loved especially because it was nearly impossible to find anywhere that served breakfast for some reason. We also visited 2 insanely huge malls while we were there. One had a huge snow hill complete with a chair lift and the other had a full size ice skating rink, aquarium and underwater zoo. Our last day there took a cab (which is very affordable and easy in Dubai) to the Palm Island and walked through the Atlantis Hotel.


Calmil2 said...

Love the new picture at the top!!!

rebekah said...


Love the Dubai info - thanks for taking the time to write about it and post these awesome pictures. I personally also loved the socks Emirates provided on the flights:) Hope to fly them again.

Hope you all are doing well and feeling strong.


adventures north said...

It makes me sick again just looking at your dune-bashing pictures. I'm enjoying the rest of the trip down memory lane, though, thanks for sharing!