Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ethiopia Day 2

Our 2nd Day in Ethiopia
(Captain and I on the street outside the Guest House)
(Yes more soda... oh well.)
(Traditional Hand Washing before a Meal)
(Injera, Tibs and Shiro = YUM!)
(The Super Star Kick... inside the transition house gates)
(Getting to know each other)
(Mom loves the cuddle time)
(Dad's Turn)
(He thought the Rocket Balloons were Hilarious)
(These two were buddies right away- they are still very close)
(Images of the city on the way back to the Guest House)

The second day in Ethiopia was fantastic. We woke up to birds chirping and freshly made avocado juice. Ha! But, really the juice was pretty good once you add the lime slice like they tell you to. After breakfast we were taken to the Ethiopian Cultural Museum which I loved!!! We hired a guide to take us through and I was so thankful we did bc I loved listening to all of the history behind each piece. The museum is very different than at home bc everything is just right there within arms length. It was amazing to see all of the artifacts and learn some history. Lucy was on display in the U.S. so we just saw the replicas, but I didn't care. After the museum we ate lunch at a traditional Ethiopian restaurant. It was delicious. Hubby and I decided that our restaurants should start to offer the hand washing it just felt so good to have freshly washed hands at the table... okay my hands are normally clean before I eat that just sounded bad. But, for whatever reason it just feels better the way they do it ;)

After our meal we were taken back to the WACAP House. On our second meeting we witnessed Sweet M* speaking his language and we were able to hold him close a few times. It felt so good to really hold him close finally, but it is hard to explain exactly what it felt like bc we just didn't really know each other yet. This visit was really long which was great, but I remember being really ready to take custody (so I thought) bc it was just difficult to hang out for so long with out comforts of drinks or snacks etc... Especially for Captain. By the time we arrived back at the Guest House we were very tired and hungry. We grabbed some Italian food from the restaurant down the street and then stopped by the internet cafe to call Cuddlebear and Belle. It felt SO GOOD to finally talk to them again. It was so easy to communicate when we were in Dubai and this was the first time we were able to talk to them since we had arrived in Ethiopia and it was much needed. They were doing fine.. but it was me that really needed to hear their voices and know that they really were okay.


Zoe said...

Loving all these updates and pictures!

Chrissy said...

Thanks for sharing!!

Jason and Emmy said...

It is fun to follow your journey. We hope to be where you are in about a year. Interesting coincidence....? We had the exact same menu items (injera, shiro, tibs) here in Spokane at the newly opened Ethiopian restaurant.