Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Adoption Update

So, we still have not heard back from our social worker on our official numbers, but I found out that I am unofficially most likely #5 for an infant and #2 for a toddler. I doubt any more referrals will go out until our main program manager gets back into town (Feb. 1st), but I have definitely moved up from #16. And, I am supposed to know my official numbers by the end of the week.

It has been very exciting the past few weeks watching all of the families post about their referral calls. I can't imagine what a moment it must be when you finally get the call! I am almost in tears just reading the other families descriptions. I feel like someday soon it will be my turn. But, I am trying not to get too excited because it seems like referrals come in waves. And, I think this big wave has come to an end. But, the closer I get to the top of the list the harder it is not to think about the phone ringing. I know it will still be awhile, but I have to admit my heart skips a beat when the phone rings or I have mail in my inbox.

Geesh... and I thought pregnancy was an emotional roller coaster. International adoption has definitely changed me: emotionally, spiritually, mentally & I even think physically. This is a CRAZY process and I am so glad I signed on ;)


Little Ethiopia(n) said...

Holy Hannah! 5 and 2?!?!?! That's CLOSE and yet...as we all know...still so far away. BUt let
s focus on the CLOSE1 Yay!!

Jon said...

how exciting!!! i remember being at that point and you are so right. it's so hard not to get overly excited when you are so close when you could still be a few weeks away. i hear ya!!! we were at the #1 spot for a few weeks before our referral. i literally never put my cell phone down and told my family and friends they had to now text me b/c i would freak out every time i heard the phone ring and i was experiencing several mini heart attacks. haha. it WILL come and will come SOON. before you know it, it'll be here!

Jon said...

oops, the above comment is signed under my husband. but it's me, Rachael from theorens.blogspot.com

Chrissy said...

I hope it comes soon! I can't wait to find out what number you are!