Sunday, January 31, 2010

4 Months!!!

Wow... 4 months down feels pretty good. I feel like I am in a good stage of the wait. I think it is hard to realize that referrals don't work like us list people like them (i.e. in order). There are just too many factors. For example someone from my agency just a few weeks ago had 36 people ahead of them (she was behind me) and she received her referral last week. She had a broad age range which made her time line quicker. But, a few weeks ago I don't think she thought she was that close.

I have no idea when we will get our referral... friends and family keep asking. It is funny I don't think people realize how long this process takes. And, when they don't hear any news during the wait they think you gave up or something. C'mon all this and then give up? Fellow PAP's know that isn't going to happen.

The wait is out of my hands and out of my control I tell them and I am finally at peace. I am anxious to hear from a fellow PAP who went to visit her son in the orphanage last week though because many of the recent referrals have been from this new orphanage and I don't know much about it. And, I am hoping that wacap updates us soon after their representatives get back from their Ethiopia trip. Fingers crossed maybe they are meeting with new orphanages and my wait will be on the shorter end (just b/c I am at peace doesn't mean I am patient ;) I really feel like my son is in an orphanage now just waiting for me. And, I will be thrilled when I finally have a face to put in my dreams.


Chrissy said...

Just think you might be half way done with your wait! I hope it comes soon for you!

M said...

I think your remaining wait will be relatively short. #7 on the list isn't bad! And you know that some of the 6 families ahead of you may be open to girls, too, or open to other age ranges, so it's not as if there have to be 6 more boys in the 12-36 month range before you get your turn. It's so unpredictable! Take the next few months to enjoy the relative peace and the time prepare...I can't believe it feels like you're getting SO close already!

Okay, didn't I just say that this is unpredictable ? Then why am I feeling like I can predict that you'll have your referral before summer hits for sure ? :-)

p.s. glad the bedroom planning idea we suggested might work for you guys. It's really exciting to start planning for such tangible changes in the home, isn't it ???

adventures north said...

Happy Birthday!!! Yes, I too think your little guy is soon on the way to you. He already is, you just don't know the path yet. Hang in there, you're a good waiter!